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PapiThugs – Alex Macho

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PapiThug – Steve O

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The New Guy

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Big Dick In Town

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PapiThugz – Deep Dick

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PapiThugz – Big Redd’s big cock

Big Redd is PapiThugz’s rising star. He is hot, horny, has a big dick and it’s ready to stretch some asses! Big Redd is a tough guy who likes it rough and gives it rough! Check out these two nude latino studs stretching each others asses to the limits until they will be left with a huge gaping hole. So take a deep breath, relax and Enjoy this hardcore scene on right now! Well it sure seems that the two studs here today like to relax nicely after a hard workout and you can call this their post workout routine. Let’s watch the show go down and see the two hunks fucking today.


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PapiThugz – Roberto’s fantasy

He is cute, hung and young! Here you have PapiThugz stud Roberto, who is 100% Cuban material ready to get down to business. Like the guys from hotoldermale videos he likes getting fucked in the ass more than everything, he loves stretching his tight asshole to the limits! And the bigger the cock is the better it’s gets, although he isn’t quite new in the industry, every rough anal pounding is different for him! Check out this papi thugz stud taking it hard in his asshole! Well as Roberto had his little fantasy today his buddy was very happy to make his dream a reality and give him a nice and hard dicking today.

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Papi Thugz – Big Slim

Papi Thugz’s Big Slim proves that skinny dudes know their stuff! He’s working with a major league tool between his legs. If you like to see straight guys abused and if you are interested in hard cock, Big Slim is your answer. But I must warn you, be prepared to stretch your asshole to the limits because this skinny boy isn’t playing around. He likes it rough! Enjoy galleries featuring Big Slim! We don’t think that there’s any mystery why this white stud is called big slim in the first place, but you’ll get to notice why as soon as he gets to be all naked today anyway.


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